I am an independent media and communications professional with more than ten (10) years experience. My creative outlook on media and communications has allowed me to bring unique and creative approaches to what I do in order to produce more impactful results.

My approach encompasses innovative communication and media strategies.

My strength is in my in depth knowledge of various forms of media and my ability to seamlessly connect them to real world events and situations in order to create desired results.

Though photography is my passion, I have acquired a number of skills over the years, which have allowed me to bring added value to my clients.

I am all about life. I capture what I love - sports, nature, people. I have found that photography offers the opportunity to reinvent oneself, and while I am on my own journey of inventing myself, it is also my pleasure to help others do the same.



All Media Production LTD (AMPLE)

Asha De Freitas

Redux Concepts




Stafanie Taylor


Tiebreaker Sport

USA Cricket 

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