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I’m Sure You’ll Work It Out!

Whatever i’m doing, I must be doing it right, because the number of people who say to me; ”I’m sure you’ll work it out”, whenever I mention any dilemma I may be facing seems to grow daily. I pride myself on being a self-sufficient, problem solver who tries to stay positive regardless of what i’m faced with. This attitude has seen me out of many holes quite successfully, and I have found myself in quite a few holes throughout my life. But people’s faith in me seems to be greater than my faith in myself. The truth is however, that when I encounter a challenge, I am challenged. And if I actually mention it to you, then I am challenged. Complaining about my challenges is not something I do often or easily. I have come to realize however, that people seem to think that I cruise through life thanks to a magical, positive mentality which enables me to magically solve any problem. When I consider both my life and this idea, it seems so absurd to me, that I generally don’t know what to make of it. The truth is that I struggle with self worth, self love, life direction, spiritual […]

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Brian Charles Lara

My introduction to the beautiful game of cricket came near the end of the career of the most beautiful player ever to grace the field – Brian Charles Lara. I was fortunate enough to have seen him play, fortunate enough to have lived during the time when matches were sold out just because he featured in the WI XI. I am much more fortunate to have been born on the same island he was. And now that he no longer graces the field, I consider myself even all the more fortunate to have been at the official opening of his Brian Lara Cricket Academy, which will see his legacy live on for generations to come.   It is a beautiful facility, with the only sore point being a slow pitch that is bound to improve over time. Everyone came out for the occasion and when all was said and done… the cricket began and there was no shortage of fun. Check out the gallery here:

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About Shari John

I am an independent media and communications professional with more than ten (10) years experience. My creative outlook on media and communications has allowed me to bring unique and creative approaches to what I do in order to produce more impactful results. My approach encompasses innovative communication and media strategies. My strength is in my in depth knowledge of various forms of media and my ability to seamlessly connect them to real world events and situations in order to create desired results. Though photography is my passion, I have acquired a number of skills over the years, which have allowed me to bring added value to my clients. I am all about life. I capture what I love – sports, nature, people. I have found that photography offers the opportunity to reinvent oneself, and while I am on my own journey of inventing myself, it is also my pleasure to help others do the same.

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